A note from Shane

Hard work and simplicity have always played equally important roles in my life. I was raised on a farm in Indiana, where my engineer father taught me the meaning of "work smarter, not harder" from an early age. My inquisitive mind drove me to study psychology in college, ultimately leading to a career of sales in Chicago. And after 11yrs in technology, logistics and chemical distribution - I became obsessed with efficiency. Post marriage - My wife, Cali encouraged me to put my passion for relationships, process and sales to good use. I was inspired to create a platform focused on buyer-supplier collaboration. I realized that while traditional methods work, they lacked the transparency required to make cost-effective buying decisions and I had a better way. In 2017, was born and I've never looked back. Today, companies across the globe use our online tool to simplify their engagement through a single dashboard. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just getting started, we're here to help.

Shane Kohler, Founder

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