The CheMogul Story

CheMogul is a Chicago based software company that enables buyer-supplier collaboration in one centralized environment, providing real-time visibility into all moving parts of chemical procurement and sales. With a decade of technology, industrial supply chain and chemical distribution under his belt - our founder, Shane Kohler realized the need for a more robust and cohesive method of engagement between buyers and their trusted suppliers in the chemical space. In working with thousands of manufacturers, it was apparent that relying on static information through email, spreadsheets and phone calls did not allow for cost-effective decision making. The lack of visibility resulted in a surplus of inefficiency, and there was no technology to automate manual tasks, which simply caused more work. Shane's experience brings a unique perspective to the industry, and based on the "work smarter, not harder" mentality instilled by his father, he became obsessed with modernizing chemical supply chains. CheMogul generates instant efficiency, and enables both procurement and sales professionals to do what they do best and focus on growth. Today, our team helps companies of all sizes across North America streamline their workflow and continue build trusting, long term relationships.

Shane Kohler - Founder

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