A little about us

Since our beginning in 2017, CheMogul has pushed the innovation envelope through collaboration. For decades buyers and suppliers have worked 'together' as separate organizations, resulting in a massive disconnect. If you want strong partnerships and an efficient supply chain, you must have collaboration and end-to-end visbility. Decision making in the chemical space has traditionally been initiated by static and fragmented emails, price letters and spreadsheets that require constant updating and follow up. Since there was no alternative solution, purchasing and sales professionals didn't see this as an issue. Coming from the distribution space, our team realized that none of these methods of communication reflected accurate availability, price volatility or current market intel to our customers that relied on that information to do their job. Things have changed, and the Amazon marketplace approach does not solve that problem in an industry driven by relationships... it creates one by removing the human element. Our focus since day one has been empowering people through technology, not technology replacing people. We built an online ecosystem where buyers and their trusted suppliers can engage in real-time to bridge that gap by modernizing an already existing process where you remain in charge. CheMogul maximizes the value of interactions so you are spending less time on tedious tasks and paperwork, more time growing your business and bottom line. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just getting started in the chemical and raw material world, we are here to help simplify your workload.

Shane Kohler, Founder

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