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At CheMogul, we know digital has completely changed how brands compete. To differentiate, having a digital first (not digital only) mindset is key - for both procurement and sales. Backed by years of experience and research, we are positioned to help our clients better leverage time and bridge manual processes to digital; making it easier to connect, collaborate, and drive growth. As our industry continues to evolve into online channels and more chemical firms are seeking effective digital solutions to take their business to the next level, our platform provides the right tools you need to get there. By aggregating raw material data that is typically dispersed among multiple individuals and organizations, CheMogul helps provide the information you require to make smarter, faster, and more efficient decisions. Every business is unique, and we let you run it that way by generating new insights and turning your processes into a unique competitive advantage. Our platform does not require any downloads or IT maintenance, disrupt any of your current processes, or require any technical skills or lean training to master it. CheMogul has raised the bar on the transactional aspect of buying and selling chemicals by providing the means necessary to procure accurate and reliable data that moves you forward and keeps you ahead of the competition. Headquartered in Chicago, IL., we help chemical firms across North America improve their strategies and realize a significant ROI with minimal effort.

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